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We take pride in serving best house shifting services in Bangalore to a broad range of customers in and outside Bangalore, throughout the country with our household shifting services which is affordable, reliable and flexible. Over the years we have committed for the household shifting service and moving from any city to any destination. We at Santosh Cargo Movers will help you to find out best house shifting services in Bangalore. When you have to move from one place to other the worst situation on your way regarding your shifting is finding the best movers you should always go with. In today's market you can find many companies which give house shifting services from which you can choose from and you can choose the best and get the services from them. In case if you face any problem for shifting house in Bangalore then please feel free to contact us, we will take your request and provide with the best service we can.

We at Santosh Cargo Movers provide friendly and cheap household shifting service to all our customers as attested by the many testimonials we have received for our service.


At Santosh Cargo Movers we offer the best office shifting services in Bangalore and office relocation services from Bangalore to other major cities. We are one of the specialists in office shifting service that helps to make your office relocation on time and absolutely stress free. When you plan to shift your office from one place to another you need a trustworthy and best office relocation service providers who can safely shift all your precious office furniture and equipment to the new location. Santosh Cargo Movers is one of the reputed and reliable movers and packers in office shifting services.

We believe in providing quality services to our clients, and with the experience of decades backing us in the field of logistics, there is nothing we overlook when we handle your cargo. Starting from loading to unloading at the destination and maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety while in transit, we take nothing to chance.


Welcome to Santosh Cargo Packers And Movers provide area wise Quality service providers. The safe and secure transportation of household goods, commercial / corporate goods, heavy materials and other items is done by us. We have gained expertise in transporting all sorts of materials in different parts of India. Without proper transportation, there is no proper relocation in India, but ours’ case is quite different than the rest players. We have a brand that forces us to offer reliable, effective and timely packing and moving services in India. For road transportation of materials and goods, we have hired the services of containers, trailers, truck, tractors etc. These vehicles help us immensely in relocating items in India.


Santosh Cargo, being a customer centric brand, ensures that the customers are well aware of the prevailing practices in the packers and movers industry before making a decision to choose the best vehicle shifting service in Bangalore. Many of the service providers for bike transporting in Bangalore will offer dirt cheap rates as the initial quote to make the customer commit. Once the order is confirmed, they will use various methods to cut their cost and get maximum profit out of the order by resorting to various techniques which will affect the quality of vehicle shifting and the customer remains unaware of what is happening. This include driving the car after disconnecting the odometer for personal use or use it as a rental car to the destination city instead of using legitimate means to transport the vehicle, shifting cars in unreliable vehicle carriers, or stacking bikes in vehicles/buses etc.


Packing and moving services supplier is what is desired the most. At Santosh Cargo Packers and Movers, we propose all possible support to our clients in relocate their home as well as workplace from one target to another. Whether it is packing moving services, we put in all efforts to guarantee that you securely relocate to a new destination.

At Santosh Cargo Packers and Movers, we provide all possible assistance to our customers in relocating their house as well as office from one destination to another one. Whether it is packing & moving services. We put in all efforts to guarantee that you carefully reposition to a new destination.

Employing experienced public and making use of higher knowledge, we at Book My Trucks Packers and Movers assure to make transfer simplify and make sure that each and all is packed and shifted with greatest care. The employees make confident that moving turns out to be simple and stress free for you.


After finishing packing tasks it comes to load packed boxes onto moving truck. Loading is not a fun task. It is perhaps the most difficult and tiresome task on a move. It is because you may have to lift heavy items to load them on to truck. You may even be injured by mistake when you load goods yourself. But you can get rid of such situation by hiring expert loading services from us. We have expert workers to load goods onto moving tuck. They know the exact process of loading of goods. They know proper arrangement of boxes on the truck. They know well which item or box should be go first. Upon arrival goods at new destination, there is need to unload boxes properly. So we also provide safe Loading and Unloading service to help you.


For high level services a section of hospitality should be considered wherein the process of Commercial Shifting breaks are taken at specific locations where hospitality services are offered such as restaurant services are available. This goes to show your commitment in giving out the best. A tracking system should be in place to provide assurance that you can keep on track with the movement of the clients' goods just to strengthen security. If you intend to offer national moves, then you will have to consider Commercial Shifting services, warehousing and most of all delivery services outside your country.

With proper and regular training of our staff on the latest trends of the market would set you to having a flawless management system where each are every individual knows what is expected of them, which will do a lot to ensure you remain relevant in the business. After all these items are taken care of then be assured that the services you offer parallel the best in the market. Another way will be to ensure that all these Commercial moving services are incorporated into the software. This will better manage all the logistics of the company on one platform, eliminating waste that might exist in turn slowing down the company’s output.